About Us

by OregonOutdoorMama

We love Oregon and exploring its unique features is one of our favorite things to do with our family.  We have 3 biological children and we are also a foster family for babies.  And if that’s not enough, we sometimes bring our kids’ friends along on trips for extra craziness!  No matter who we have along, we pack everyone up and take them on fun adventures throughout Oregon.  Rock hounding, caving, camping, hiking, and more, we’re game to try just about anything if it looks like fun.  Preparation and planning is the key to adventuring with young children.  We do a lot of research before our big trips, and we found that few blogs ever mentioned children.  We knew other families would love these same adventures, so we started Oregon Outdoor Family to inspire other families and help you plan your own trips. 

Introducing: Oregon Outdoor Family

Presenting your Oregon Outdoor Family! We were at the Spring Creek Holly Farm finding our perfect Christmas tree in 2019.

Camille – our photographer 

Camille is our oldest child, and is quickly becoming our blog’s photographer.  Her interest in photography started at a very young age.  At 2 years old, when our other kids just took photos of their feet, she was staging and composing photographs that demonstrated she had a unique view.  By 12, she was using my phone to take amazing photos, and we bought her a used Canon Rebel T3i for Christmas.  Since then, she’s taken classes on photography and developed a bold signature style that rarely needs editing.  Camille is also on her school newspaper staff.  She enjoys taking photos of nature, her siblings, and hones her skills on sports photography. 

Oregon Outdoor Family photographer

Heather – our writer

I’ve loved writing since I was small, and often wrote stories (and even a novel!) for fun throughout my school years.  As an adult, though, I rarely had a chance to exercise my writing skills.  When we started this blog, I re-discovered a love for writing and storytelling.  I hope that you can experience the magic of adventure through our stories.

Oregon Outdoor Family mom and writer


Shannon – our videographer & Chief Child Wrangler

Shannon is the voice behind our you-see-it-as-we-see-it videos.  And the entire blog was his idea!  He was researching for our first-ever adventure to collect sunstones.  Our son was only 4 months old at the time, and before we hauled a baby into the great unknown, we wanted to…well…know.  Would there be bathrooms?  Was it even safe for our kids?  A few people wrote about it, or posted photos, but it was all about the rocks, not about the nitty gritty details that are so important for families.  And so, from that trip, this blog was born.  Since then, Shannon has become a pro at mid-hike diaper changes, the best ways to carry a 40-pound 5-year-old, and how to not drop his phone into the waterfalls (something I’m unfortunately yet to learn).


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